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Hi, I’m George Thompson.

I’m a filmmaker and communicator of Daoist philosophy: the Way of Nature. 


My films have been watched by millions and over 190,000 subscribers have joined for the on-going adventure. I’m passionate about sharing ideas that can help you, and could help us collectively, find a more balanced way of being.


I also started Wayfinders, a free online learning community. There are 15 community-run sessions a week - share your explorations with amazing people from around the world. Every Wednesday 8pm UK time I host a free Qi Gong and meditation session, hope to see you there!

Join one of my online courses!

Daoism Course

6 Key Concepts from Daoism Explored in Depth


Breathe! Course

Tap into the power of the breath



Email is the best way to get in contact. Due to the large number of messages I receive, I cannot promise a response. I am grateful for you wanting to reach out!

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